Dragonview Court

Kotewall Road

Size: 1,040 sqft
Location: Hong Kong
Completed: 2022
Design Style: 混材風
Design Concept:








在客飯廳區域,設計師選用了SOVET Slim collection的餐桌和AVOA的餐椅,展現了居住者的品味和追求。這個設計不僅創造了一個舒適的用餐環境,還成為主人與朋友聚會的理想場所。





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Luxury Home Interior Design: Dragonview Court Kotewall Road


Luxury Home Interior Design | Distinctive design style and stunning home decor have become the goals pursued by many prestigious families. As a professional luxury home design company, Once Design Studio strives not only to create comfortable living spaces for families but also to showcase the homeowners’ taste and lifestyle. Today, we would like to introduce a unit located in the upscale residential area of Kotewall Road in Mid-Levels, Hong Kong, providing you with interior decoration photos and design concepts for a luxury home design.


Luxury Home Renovation Design: Perfect Combination of Natural Light and Mixed Materials

This luxury home interior design project, completed in 2022, covers an area of 1,040 square feet and stands out with its modern mixed material style. The designer made full use of the floor-to-ceiling glass windows and the terrace in the living room, allowing ample natural light to pour into the interior, creating a bright and airy ambiance throughout the space.


The designer skillfully employed different materials and shades of color to create a comfortable yet elegant design. From the massive marble wall extending from the terrace to the walnut-toned strip-shaped TV cabinet, along with the combination shoe cabinet featuring a light gray Nordic wood grain, the feeling of the living room seamlessly blends with the dining area, highlighting the unique layers and purposes of each distinct space.


In the dining area, the designer chose the SOVET Slim collection dining table and AVOA dining chairs, showcasing the residents’ taste and pursuit. This design not only creates a comfortable dining environment but also serves as an ideal gathering place for the homeowners and their friends.


The success of this luxury home interior design project lies in the designer’s attention to detail and innovative design concepts. Whether it’s the design of the luxury living room or the entrance area, or the overall decor, it showcases the professional ability and unique style of Once Design Studio.


Once Design Studio | Specializing in Luxury Home Interior Design and Renovation

Concerned about the high cost of luxury home renovation? Want to see more photos of luxury home decor? Feel free to take advantage of Once Design Studio’s free preliminary design consultation service. We are a professional luxury home design company. You can provide floor plans and schedule an appointment to communicate and discuss your design requirements with our designers via WhatsApp. We will prepare an initial design proposal (including design floor plans, 3D renders, and budget quotations, etc.) within two weeks and arrange a meeting to present it to you.


This is just one example of our luxury home interior design projects. Our professional team has many similar projects. If you would like to learn more about our design cases, please visit our Facebook page.