Murad Hong Kong

Harbour City Lane Crawford Counter

Size: 60 sqft
Location: Hong Kong
Completed: 2023
Design Type: Retail Design: Design & Build
Design Concept:

Murad 於8月初在海港城連卡佛開設了第一個香港專櫃!由國際知名皮膚科專家Dr. Howard Murad創立的Murad以革命性醫學護膚配方聞名,因此我們採用簡約現代的設計風格,意在展現品牌專業科研的深厚底蘊。品牌標誌性的四色系列綻放於產品陳列架上,除了能將焦點聚焦於產品系列,亦能加強品牌的識別性。


Murad has opened its first counter at Lane Crawford in Harbour City. Murad is renowned for its revolutionary medical skincare formulas. Reflecting the brand’s expertise in scientific research, the counter embodies a sleek and elegant design. The brand’s signature four-color series shines on the product display shelves, effectively drawing attention to the product collection and reinforcing brand identity.

Through the use of electronic screens on the walls and meticulously designed display shelves, the distinctive features of the brand are showcased, providing customers with an unparalleled shopping experience. The overall design seamlessly integrates the brand’s professionalism and aesthetic appeal, creating a comfortable and relaxing shopping environment for esteemed customers.