KLASSE14 Hong Kong

K11 Art Mall

Size: 420 sqft
Location: Hong Kong
Completed: 2021
Design Type: Retail Design: Design & Build
Design Concept:



KLASSE14  K11 Art Mall:商業室內設計

一場設計早前為KLASSE14  K11 Art Mall商場店舖進行室內設計規劃。這個商業空間設計項目榮獲了2022年的Home Journal Award – 零售店 (金獎),主要目標是通過設計來展現KLASSE14品牌的獨特性和創新性。



店鋪設計理念圍繞著KLASSE14的品牌基因「平凡中的不平凡」展開。概念店外觀看起來像一個普通的白色盒子,但一旦進入店內,你就會發現一個充滿想像力和色彩的繽紛世界。概念店保留了中環分店的黑、白、灰主色調,並在內部特別加入了一面由炫彩玻璃製成的幾何特色牆,融合了KLASSE14標誌系列「Volare Rainbow」的線條和顏色。這面牆的色彩會隨著燈光的變化而變幻,為空間帶來無限變化。通過在純白極簡的基調上添加適度的斑斕用色,並使用俐落的線條、炫彩的飾面和霓虹燈,突出了品牌「個人化」的設計精神,讓整個空間充滿未來感。







除了KLASSE14的概念店,我們還參與了其他商業室內設計項目,例如TATCHA Lane Crawford等。這些項目不僅展示了一場設計團隊的專業能力,也驗證了我們在商業空間規劃和設計方面的豐富經驗。






KLASSE14 K11 Art Mall Interior Design Project: Home Journal Award 2022 – Retail Design (Gold)

Commercial interior design plays a pivotal role in today’s market. A cleverly designed storefront can captivate customers’ attention and create a comfortable and distinctive shopping experience. For designers, understanding the core values of a brand and market demands is crucial in delivering optimal commercial space design to clients.


In a recent commercial interior design project, we had the privilege of collaborating with KLASSE14 in K11 Art Mall, which received the 2022 Home Journal Award – Commercial Design (Gold Award). The primary objective of this design project was to showcase KLASSE14’s uniqueness and innovation through design.


KLASSE14: Commercial Interior Design Concept

The design concept revolves around KLASSE14’s brand DNA of “Extraordinary in the Ordinary.” The concept store’s exterior appears as a simple white box, but once inside, you’ll discover a vibrant world filled with imagination and colors. The concept store retains the black, white, and gray color scheme of its Central branch, while incorporating a geometric feature wall made of colorful glass, integrating the lines and colors of KLASSE14’s signature “Volare Rainbow” collection. The colors of this wall shift and transform with changing lighting, bringing infinite variations to the space. By adding tasteful splashes of color to a pure white minimalist backdrop and utilizing sleek lines, dazzling finishes, and neon lights, the design highlights the brand’s spirit of personalization, imbuing the entire space with a futuristic ambiance.


The concept store goes beyond conveying the brand’s philosophy through design; it forsakes the conventional decor of traditional watch and jewelry stores and instead features a striking central island display counter. Here, customers can try on various classic and popular products, creating a unique retail experience. Such design decisions aim to cater to the fashion tastes of the brand’s young customer base.


Once Design Studio: Commercial Interior Design Services

Commercial interior design is a blend of art and science, aiming to create distinctive and captivating spaces. By employing creative design elements, appropriate color combinations, and design concepts aligned with brand values, designers can create a one-of-a-kind visual identity for the brand, attracting more customers.


In addition to KLASSE14’s concept store, we have been involved in other commercial interior design projects, such as TATCHA Lane Crawford, which showcase our team’s expertise and validate our rich experience in commercial space planning and design.


In today’s fiercely competitive commercial landscape, having a unique and appealing store design is key to success. Whether it’s creating an eye-catching exterior or cultivating a comfortable and brand-specific interior space, commercial interior design adds significant value to a brand’s success.